Frequently asked questions

Where am I?

You're on the DataPersonae website.

Here, you'll find a personality survey that will help you determine your predispositions to develop certain skills, making it an excellent vocational guidance tool.


We're talking about «dynamic personalities».

Your emotional state or a change in your environment may trigger a shift in your personality. People change and evolve throughout their entire life.

Our «MECA P» personality model is stable for a given environment and under neutral emotional conditions, hence the need to answer the survey thoughtfully and at rest.


We're not talking about theoretical knowledge but rather about know-hows and soft skills.

Our survey goes well beyond a simple skills assessment and strives to identify predispositions to the development of said skills. With such a tool, one can approach vocational guidance in an informed and serene fashion.

«Vocational guidance»?

Life is a succession of changes: you need a compass to make good choices.

A central and recurring question is «What will I do tomorrow?»: it conditions where we'll be and with whom.

Maybe you're a highschooler unsure which sector to choose? Maybe you're an employee that just does not fit in his company anymore?

Our «PACHER» model will determine the list of professions that are better suited to your personality as it is today and will allow you to re-evaluate it over time.

Is this the least bit scientific?

Our team of data scientists compiled the results of thousands of scientific studies and have developped a series of mathematical and statistical tools so as to create our psychometric models.

Our survey has been validated with thousands of profiles and we're very confident in its accuracy.

Who do you sell my profile to?

Your profile is not stored and your navigation is not tracked.

This is a question of ethics: we prefer selling our vocational notebook to our visitors rather than our visitors to the highest bidder.

«Vocational notebook»?

It's a book you can buy that can be used to establish the list of professions best suited to your personality.

It's the ultimate «low-tech» tool requiring no power nor internet connection. With it, we can make a living without compromising your privacy.